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Seller/Landlord Representation


We streamline the selling or leasing process to make it easy for you. We protect your time, minimize interruptions, and maximize your sale price or obtain the most favorable lease terms for you.

As your commercial real estate professional, we will:

•  Help you determine the best pricing strategy by utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the commercial, industrial and investment real estate markets and up-to-the minute comparative market analysis.
•  Provide you with a detailed marketing plan to show you how we will achieve results.
•  Market your property at the local, regional, national and, where applicable, international levels to maximize exposure to prospective buyers and tenants.
•  Conduct all property showings.
•  Provide you with marketing feedback and notification of new competing listings appearing on the market.
•  Help prepare and negotiate all purchase contracts and lease offers and assist you in analyzing and selecting the best offers.
•  Provide you with a detailed estimate of closing costs based on potential purchase or lease offers procured.

If your project involves new construction for a built-to-lease or build-to-sell, we help you analyze the financial feasibility of the proposed project and, if desired, help you assemble the development and construction team.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in exploring, without cost or obligation, how we may help you with selling or leasing your existing property or new construction project. All conversations will be held in strict confidence. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships and provide the best advice available for our clients. So feel free to contact us even if you are not ready to sell, lease or engage our services.


If you are thinking about selling or leasing your property now or possibly in the future and you are interested in finding out what your property is currently worth, (i.e. property value if a sale, or comparable lease rates, if a lease) please feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation with no cost or obligation.

Your information will be kept completely confidential. If you are then pleased with our advice, we will be happy to provide you with a Marketing Plan and Pricing Strategy to help you optimize the sale or leasing of your property.