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Buyer/Tenant Representation


We represent buyers and tenants in their search to buy, lease or build new business locations, including site selection, or to buy investment properties. We simplify the confusing and complex process of buying, leasing or developing property so that it becomes an easy and enjoyable process. When we are retained as your exclusive representative, (similar to sellers and landlords who retain brokers to represent their interests!) we can protect your interests and help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in the commercial real estate transactional process. We take the time to understand and help you determine your real needs so that we can develop a custom strategy for providing you with an optimal and durable real estate solution.

As your exclusive commercial real estate professional, we will:

•  Present ALL properties available on the market, not just our listings.
•  Present properties which are unlisted but potentially available.
•  Provide financial analysis to help you determine the feasibility of potential properties for sale, lease, or new construction.
•  Recommend designers and help coordinate any design and construction requirements.
•  Recommend contractors and analyze construction pricing for new construction, renovations or tenant build-outs.
•  Help you negotiate the best price and terms and prepare sale and lease agreements.
•  Help protect you from dangerous lease provisions which could impact your business interests, in conjunction with legal counsel.
•  Help you secure financing.
•  Be with you every step of the way to help guide you through the purchase, leasing and construction process.
•  Be readily accessible and responsive to all of your questions and needs.

If You Currently Own

If you currently own your facility and you are thinking of relocating and buying or leasing, we will be happy to help you determine the market value (sale or lease) of your current property and we can help you understand current market sale prices or lease rates for any new property acquisition or lease you may desire.

If You Currently Lease

If you are currently leasing and are thinking of relocating, expanding, consolidating or buying, we will be happy to help you understand current market rental rates and/or sales prices so that you can make fully-informed decisions.  Many people underestimate the time required to find, lease or build a new facility and complete the lease, purchase or construction process.  Many people also desire to relocate now or in the near future but they assume that they are locked into a long-term lease.  In such cases, we will be happy to review your current lease without cost or obligation and help you determine various options which may be available to you now that will allow you to relocate sooner.

Please feel free to contact us, without cost or obligation, if you are interested in exploring any of these options.  Even if you are not ready to buy or lease or engage our services, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  All conversations will be held in strict confidence. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships and provide the best possible advice for our clients.