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  • 10 Things an OWNER of Commercial Real Estate should Do…NOW!

    Allen C. Buchanan The beginning of any calendar year is a GREAT time to plan for the NEW year with your commercial real estate. As an owner of commercial real estate, you fall into one of two categories…you are either.

  • This Is the Future: Workplaces that Make You Healthier

    Laura Lorenzetti When McKesson decided to revamp its headquarters in Richmond, Va., it knew it was time for a radical change. The drug distribution giant also knew it needed a workplace that was not only inspiring but reflected its primary mission:.

  • 3 Reasons Why Smart Owners are Investing in Smart Buildings

    By Billy Fink In today’s connected world, everything from watches to refrigerators is smart and getting smarter. Real estate is no exception. Talk of so-called “smart” buildings first emerged in commercial real estate more than a decade ago. These buildings.

  • Making the Ends Meet in Commercial Real Estate Deals

    By Allen C. Buchanan Searching for a new building, negotiating a lease or purchase for said new building, closing the escrow or signing the lease, navigating through the city ordinances, getting phones, internet, and racking installed, AND meshing a move out.

  • Consider Your Parking Options When Choosing Commercial Office Space

    By Troy Golden Parking & Your Office Space Search Parking options are an important consideration when searching for office space and negotiating the office lease.  Having adequate parking is an essential part of negotiating office space in Chicago’s suburbs as most.

  • Timing Your Office Lease

    by Troy Golden It’s been said before, and it’s true.  Timing is everything!  With your office lease, as with everything else, you have to be in the right place at the right time.  Sometimes it’s mere chance that puts you there. .

  • Why a City’s “Walkability” Matters

    On an afternoon stroll through the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy, you might stumble into a nearby market and pick up some fresh produce for dinner. Maybe you’d even pop into a local boutique to try on the latest designs, and perhaps.

  • The Yin and Yang of Commercial Real Estate Subleases

    Allen C. Buchanan Subleases. I avoid them at all costs. Why? Because subleases are generally unfavorable to the original tenant (sub-landlord) and landlord (master landlord), risky, and complicated. Sometimes, however, a sublease cannot be avoided and in isolated cases some benefits.

  • Rule of Thumb HVAC Costs

    Brent W. Sears Recently I was asked, “is there a reliable ‘Rule of Thumb HVAC Costs’ psf for operating warehouse air conditioning?” The limited information offered to me to help determine an answer, were as follows: “30,000 sf of 22′.

  • 4 Office Amenity Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

    This post originally appeared REscour’s REscour – Market Intelligence for Multifamily Professionals Blog and is republished with permission. By definition, a trend is transitory. Like the harem pant, some are thankfully brief. Others have a staying power that is directly.